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Song of the Week 04/18-04/24

This week I prepare for my first wedding of a very eventful year. I have a few rituals that I do before every single event. First (and obviously) I prepare all of my music and equipment and make sure my notes are correct. The second thing I have to do before any event is wear one of four lucky shirts. It's usually one of three Batman shirts that I have. The third thing I have to do is listen to this song in full before I get to the venue. One of the first weddings that I did I was shuffling through music on the way to the venue and I skipped this song three times. The next wedding I did I was shuffling through music again and noticed that I skipped it twice. I took it as a sign and now it's part of my good luck charm. So enjoy Childish Gambino's "Life: The Biggest Troll"

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