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Song of the week 1/10-1/16

A little background on why I picked this song. I was listening to some Blues music on Pandora and came across this. For me, all blues music sounds very powerful and soulful, but this one I could tell was different. There was something sad about it. The artists' name was Blind Willie Johnson. He was a self taught guitarist who was approached by Columbia records back in 1927 to record some music. Unfortunately, Johnson did not get the recognition he deserved, and died before his music became popular. It wasn't until rock 'n roll artists in the '60s became obsessed with blues artists that his music was found and heard. Now, Blind Willie Johnson's most famous song "Dark was the night, Cold was the ground" is on a golden record (along with 27 other artists) and the Voyager 2 space probe.

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